Zyme Fast is a world leader in digestive science.
The Zyme Fast System Inc. Manitoba, Canada
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The results of Zyme Fastís advanced biotechnology research now delivers reduced mortality rates and improved weight gains.... without the drawbacks associated with antibiotics.

Offering superior cost effectiveness to conventional alternatives available today, the Zyme Fast system delivers total effectiveness in three areas through:

1. Precise testing
2. Fast results from paste applications
3. Long term prevention

The Zyme Fast portfolio of products are designed to that help the digestive system of animals. A bio-technology company with special abilities to detect disease conditions, provide effective feed supplements, and promote healthy and vigorous growth in many different kinds of livestock, birds and fish.
Our Technical Experts would welcome the opportunity to provide further information on the Zyme Fast System. Zyme Fast can also assay diets for the concentration of active components.

Zyme Fast welcomes inquiries regarding the developement of custom products for interested companies.

The Zyme Fast System Inc.
The Zyme Fast System Inc.